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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Winnipeg is actually the greatest place in the world. I'm leaving to go back to Vancouver tomorrow and am actually really bummed.

Here are some photo's from the last few days and reasons why I'm going to miss this joint lots till I can get back here again.

Good fishing times with the guy after this photo.

Sky lines that don't have 50 story buildings or mountains blocking your view.

Cold beer and wine stores with 6.75$ 6 packs that are open till 2:30am that also have a good alley with a bench in it right beside them that attract good bro's.

The Ultimate Feast from Red Lobster with 3 other huge bro's whose names all end in il.


Phil / Bill

Red Lobster Domes.

The greatest place in the world.

Some how going to Hell Boy 2 after Red Lobster / Fox and Hounds and huge batman popcorn buckets that double as cap's and drinks that don't let you make it all the way through a movie all in the same day?

Deciding to go to Red Lobster 2 days in a row.

And ordering the exact same thing as everytime you go there.

And seeing this guy! Number 1!

Shit bros. See you soon ?

Monday, July 7, 2008


Here is some more Winnipeg-ing.

Brady Barf is my room mate and friend in Vancouver. He's in Winnipeg right now trying to start a career in diamond mining and has no dink and only half a ball. But I love him alot.

Here are some photos of things that are real cool.

Brady Barfs, Sitting in Barfs, and Plastic Bottle Beers

Chap Sticks and Marky B's

Totally getting your club on

Middle Fingers and Moustaches

Dink Smuggling devices

Igby Dogs

Alright. Now, this is my pal Will.

Here are some photo's of him and his new bicycle.

Spagett? Spagett!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Winnipeg. Now I don't want this to turn into one of those 'this is what i did today' blogs... and it won't be!.. but.. this is what I've been up to since I've got to Winnipeg/Photo's I've remembered to take before having too much fun and forgetting I had a camera on me..:

Marky B

Dudes who rule.

Kraft Dinner on Knees

Big sticks

Funny things

Boarder Pros

Christopher Saniuk

Rolling in a hoopty

and more Chris Saniuk.